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My parents could not help me with my schoolwork because they did not speak or read English. Even though I had that disadvantage I still received honor roll and deans list throughout middle and high school.

I grew up with parents that
were addicted to both alcohol and drugs and I know from experience what havoc such a life can create for families.

I recently lost my husband to liver cancer March 2, 2009. The irony of the situation is he had worked very
hard for years to become sober and finally accomplished his goal. However, it was too late. I am now a single mother with four children and I realize now more than ever how important it is for me to complete my college education. Even though my husband had problems, he still paid the bills. Now it is only me and it is a bit scary. My current job is a bit dead end and I need to finish my degree to take care of myself and my children.

For the first time in my thirty-five years of life, I do not have a loved one with addictions that control our day to day life. It is a major cross-roads in my life and I do not want to ruin it. I know I have to go on with my life for myself, my children, and for others that have lived through situations such as mine.

Thank you for your time!


To Whom It May Concern:

All of my life my ultimate
goal has not changed. I am
attempting to accomplish all
of my goals. My goal is to
complete Valencia with my A.S degree
in Nursing, then attend a four-year University to get my B.S. as a Registered Nurse. However, in order for me to continue to pursue my desire, I must somehow get financial support. Being part of a family where my father has been totally disabled for the past 12 years, my mother has become the sole supporter of a family of six.

I request that when considering giving out any financial aid or assistance please allow me to become a recipient. In Advance, Thank You for allowing me to introduce myself and giving a little history on my education and future career goals!



Hello, my name is Lolita. I am a 35 year old full-time student with a learning disability, member of Valencia Community College (West Campus) African American Cultural Society’s Gospel Choir, Black High Achievers Society, Valencia Volunteers Society, and a single parent of four children. I was reared in a single parent home by a depressed mother who struggled to financially provide for me but never encouraged me to complete my education. Her only words of encourage were, “The older you get, The Dumber you get!!!”

I am determined to break the curse of poverty over my life and become the first college educated member of my family, a positive roll-model for my children and an inspiration to others. Recently, I’ve gone from barely passing my classes and withdrawing from difficult classes to being placed on Valencia Community College President’s Honor Roll List and advancing to the end of my nursing school career as I look forward to graduate May 2006!

The Nursing program is a rigorous program. The courses become more challenging each semester. This is my last semester. I want to continue to
do well as I transition from student nurse to RN. Therefore, I am requesting your assistance in the funding of my education and your assistance is greatly needed and will be tremendously appreciated. Thank you in advance for selecting me as a recipient of your scholarship award. I will proudly represent your foundation!



Mothers provide better lives for themselves and their children. At the end of my high school career graduating in the top 15% of my class I was faced with a decision
that would forever change my life. I became a mother and in the Haitian culture that’s the worst thing in the world that can happen next to a nuclear war. Even though I had that minor set back I was determined to have a career. I took time off and came right back. In high school I never knew what road I want to take as far as
a career path. So the break helped me as far as landing a job in a nursing home; then I decided what I was destined to be a nurse. My experience with the older generation has taught me a lot when it comes to history how things used to be.

As a student at Valencia I will be able to further my education with funding from organizations such as yours. I am truly thankful for your scholarship towards my career goals in nursing.

Thank you,


Dear Walters/Second Chance Scholarship:

Thank you for selecting me as a recipient of your scholarship award. It is organizations and people like you, who give many others such as myself an opportunity to not only better their lives with an education, but it shows that there are individuals who care about others futures.

I really appreciate your assistance and hope that you award many others like myself who are in need and want a brighter future and a solid education.



I have been accumulating general education college credits toward my education since I joined the military in 1981. For many years my goal was to become a psychiatrist.

As a single parent in my 30’s (with no child support) I worked a full time job and a part time job, sometimes I worked every day of the week and I had no time to pursue my academic goals. I also did not want to take more parent/child time away from my daughter while she was so young and that played a part in my putting my education on hold. During my military career, while attended college, my goal was to obtain enough general education credits for a degree, and I tried to pay for it myself.

As a now single mother of three children, ages 12, 7 and 5, I am eager to show them that my layoff does not have to result in a negative situation, and that this is just one life change out of many yet to come. I intend to show them that this is an opportunity to better myself and makes the changes necessary in order to be of greater value once my former employer is hiring again. By being proactive
and productive, I am not only increasing my employability, I am bettering myself as a person. I hope this will have a positive impact on their view of the college experience and will result in their pursuit of higher education.



I am also a single mother
and can only hope to be somewhat
of an inspiration to my 10-year son.
Especially, since he has seen the
many hurdles that have come before
me. I am also registered with the
Office of Student’s with disabilities
for a multiple medical reason’s; two
that have happened to me recently;
in 2007 I was diagnosed with a
brain tumor which I was enrolled
in my first semester here, and
started to experience some prevalent

This degree is most crucial for me and my family. All my life I had only been able to work minimum wage jobs, and my disability kept me from being able to keep stable employment. With this educational opportunity, it will give
me the skills and proper background training to be a better employee in today’s workplace.
I hope to be able not only graduate and attain
this most cherished diploma, but be able to and employment that would give me and my family a living wage to work with.


M. Martinez

By my junior year in high school, I became pregnant. By the age of 17, I was a wife, a mother, and an employee; no longer a full-time student.
I got divorced in 1997, lost my middle daughter to suicide in 2004, and lost my job in 2007. “Lost” is exactly how I felt. As someone who always looks for the silver lining, I realized that I was in a position to pursue my education.

I have been enrolled at Valencia Community College as a full- time student since last fall. I will complete my AAS degree in Business Administration, Marketing this fall maintaining a 4.0 GPA at VCC.

My educational plan is to continue another two years at VCC and receive an AA degree in Biology followed by another six years of school at Nova Southeastern University, School of Optometry. My career plan is to work full-time as an optometrist, teach optometry at the college level, and volunteer my services to people who cannot afford vision care.
I have served as an advocate for abused and battered women and have been involved with families affected by suicide. I have also spoken with homosexual teenagers and have helped them to have open dialogue with their parents and be comfortable in a society that is not always understanding of homosexuality.

Pursuing my education will allow me to have all that I dream of and to better provide for my children financially.


Dear Valencia College and Second Chance Scholarship Foundation,

My name is Barbara. I started college in 2001; I was living near Boston and had a dream to be a pilot. I went to Northshore Community College where I pursued a degree in Business but things didn’t quite go as I planned.

I was just about to get my private pilot license in the summer of 2002… I was 3 test flights away… and I was ready for it, but I got injured in a motorcycle accident, and couldn’t. (The motorcycle accident will cause me shoulder problems for rest of my life.)

While healing from the accident, I had fallen in love, and then got engaged and pregnant with wonderful person. We agreed that I could still go to school and become a pilot, and he would take the role of the stay at home dad. But misfortune hit again… He passed away in a tragically in early 2003 — He was only 22 and I was 20 and 3 months pregnant.

I moved to Florida to start a new life for myself and my child, and I enrolled at Valencia Community College, at first for business, but when I got pregnant again I was left to fend for myself, and decided accounting would be the best choice, so I switched. I am 26 years old now and a single mom of two beautiful girls ages 5 and 3, both I have supported solely for all these years.

After this semester (Spring 2009) I will only have a few classes (hard ones) left. I look forward to transferring to U.C.F. when I complete my A.A. at Valencia. However, due to my income last year, it is not likely I will be receiving financial aid.

I am relying on scholarships, for I have no other way to pay for school. So I ask in great favor that I am accepted for a scholarship. I have but a few classes left to finally obtain a degree 8 years in the making, and I am determined it will be done by next year, and I know I will make Valencia proud.

Thank you,


My name is Holly. I started at Valencia Community College in the Spring Term of 2007 seeking higher education for better employment. At that time I was serving at an area restaurant and barely making ends meet. I am a single mother with 2 autistic children and I am only able to attend classes part-time because of their medical needs.

We left my abusive ex-husband 3 years ago after he bound our oldest son with duct tape and put him in a closet because he was unable to communicate his needs adequately. I began my college journey seeking an A.A. in Psychology because I had a desire to help others like myself to thrive and rise above being a victim. I found along the way that I have a deep love and respect for the medical field and have chosen to pursue an A.S. in Nursing, as well. I believe I can be of greater assistance to our community holding both degrees.

I remember when my 2 boys were in the first stages of diagnosis, when I was unable to and resources and did not know where to turn. I remember how difficult it was and how many times I cried myself to sleep, if I even slept at all, wishing there was someone to turn to for even that most basic of resources.

Your scholarship will help me and my boys have a better life and I thank you for your consideration.


My name is Linette. I am twenty years old, I am a single mother, and a full time student at Valencia Community College. I’ve always wanted to go to college. And being a single parent only motivates me.

Right now I am attending college to become a registered nurse. I am looking forward to receiving a bachelor’s degree, but I am not sure yet which university I am going to attend after Valencia Community College. When I finish school I want to work at Celebration Hospital. However, I am planning on starting off my career at a nursing home so I can gain some experience in my career field before I start at a hospital.

Education is a very big part of my life and is very important to me. I believe education is one of the most valuable things anyone can have, especially in today’s economy. Being that I got pregnant at the end of my junior year of high school, I didn’t attend school my whole senior year. But the year after that, baby and all, I returned to school and, in six months, I received my high school diploma.

Because I did go back and finish high school, it allowed me to be able to attend college and work hard for something I would always want to do in life. I always wanted to be a nurse. I enjoy helping people and making a difference in the lives of others.

I will always teach my daughter the importance of an education, because it is that important to me.


Dearest Mrs. Walters:

I greatly appreciate you and your foundation selecting me as a recipient of your prestigious award. I will proudly represent the Second Chance Foundation as I continue my nursing education and embark upon a life as a competent and concerned RN.

Receiving your hand written letter was the highlight of my day! You have motivated me to aspire to accomplish more in my own life, in the lives of my children and for the community!

Thank you for sharing your life story with me. You are a living witness that, “The Creator never gives us a dream we cannot accomplish!” “May the good Lord continue to Bless and prosper you, your family and everything you put your hands too.”



Dear Walters Family,

I would personally like to say thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your donation towards my education.
I can only say in so many words how much you
are helping me. My education is very important
to me and I am so thankful that your family has generously been willing to help me achieve my goals academically, since I cannot pay for schooling myself.

I’ve recently found a good paying job, but it required a lot of hours, and it was greatly affecting my concentration on school. I had no time for my assignments, myself, or my daughter. So I decided to leave that job and focus my concentration back on school. I would much rather suffer a little financially right now for a little while, and be able to go to school and provide a wonderful life for my daughter and I in the future, then to stay with a job that’s going to pay a little over minimum wage for the rest of my life. I have set way bigger goals for  myself and I have no doubt in my mind that I will achieve those goals. This would all be halfway impossible if it weren’t for your family. Words can’t explain how much I appreciate your donation.

I wish your family nothing but health and happiness.

Thanks again. Sincerely,


My name is Phillesha. I am majoring in Nursing. I am a young mother of 1, showing everyone that statistics mean nothing unless you want them to. I would like to tell you little bit about why I chose a career path in the healthcare field.

From the time that I was very young, I was in and out of hospitals due to severe environmental allergies among other things. That whole experience lead me to see the healthcare field in a completely different way than the average individual because I was able to see the inner workings of how everything works and how people come together for one specific cause.

Right now, I work in a hospital part time and I see some of the most interesting people ever. When I see a healthcare professional form a relationship with a patient and help them from the time the enter the hospital until the time they leave, it is one of those moments that you will never fully understand until your there but you will appreciate it.

My professional goals are to eventually become an Obstetrician Gynecologist. First, I plan on obtaining my Bachelor’s in Nursing degree. Then, I hope to go on the medical school. After I become and OB/GYN, I hope to have my own practice in which I help people that cannot afford medical insurance or need help with their medical needs.

I would like this scholarship so that I can focus on going to school and studying my coursework, I would like to be able to take care of all my expenses that comes along with being a full time student so that I can excel better in school without all of those types of worries.

Thank you for the opportunity.