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"Change the mother, change the world.”

– Kay Walters

This heartfelt mantra drives Kay Walters’ actions as the inspirational founder and CEO of The Second Chance Scholarship Foundation, which provides college educations to single mothers and battered women.

The Second Chance Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization based in Orlando, Florida, that has granted approximately 200 scholarships ($250,000) to single mothers and battered women since 2004.

Kay has solicited scholarship funds from generous donors who have provided for The Second Chance Foundation that grants approximately 40 scholarships annually to women.

Now, The Foundation seeks additional support to increase the number of scholarships granted.

Philanthropist and career nurse Kay Walters M.S.R.N., established The Foundation to provide women with scholarships and support towards earning a nursing degree from Valencia College.

Kay raised a wonderful, loving family and was given a second chance after not completing high school to receive an education. She earned a nursing degree and became a national and then, international nursing leader working decades as an expert in the health care delivery industry.

Today, Kay helps other women change their lives through education and lift families from poverty.

Second Chance Scholarship Foundation

Nursing Scholarships for Single Mothers

Our Mission

Second Chance Scholarship Foundation, Inc. was established as a Florida Non-profit Corporation with the mission to provide scholarships and support for single mothers and abused women seeking a college degree to give them a “Second Chance” for an independent life of stability and growth for themselves and their children.

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“If you want to save a family from poverty, ignorance and despair, educate and support the mother in any way you can. You will not only change that family for the better, but future generations to come.”

– Kay Walters

About Us

The Second Chance Scholarship Foundation was founded by mother, nurse and mentor Kay Walters in Orlando, Florida. The program provides a financial support to single mothers and abused women who want to attend Valencia College for a nursing degree.


The Second Chance Scholarship Foundation is open to battered women and single mothers who are full time students at Valencia College pursuing nursing degrees. Complete your application by going through Valencia College’s Financial Aid department.

How Can You Help?

Second Chance Scholarship Foundation is only able to provide funds through the generous donations of individuals. Approximately 40 single mothers and abused women each year receive scholarships at Valencia College so that they may become nurses.